Monday, 11 March 2013

Meditation and Me ...What Me & Meditation ???

“Meditate? Who, me?” 
Many of us reply the above when somebody talk about meditation to them and ask “do you do? Or Would you like to do? ”. Many of them feel like it’s the most difficult thing to do on earth. When we are so used to doing so many activities all the time and speak a lot, we feel it’s really difficult to sit for 10-20 minutes keeping our eyes closed. Many questions arise in our mind when we think about doing meditation. Here are few common reasons why we think it’s difficult.

Thought – My job is hectic, I work for minimum 10 -12 hours a day. Spending lots of time in travelling in traffic. Hardly I get time to think all these.
Answer – You don’t have time, this is exactly why you should meditate. I might be confusing. Meditating for 15-20 minutes daily can help improve concentration, productivity and manage our time properly. the work gets done faster and you are left with more time which you can use to relax the mind and recharge yourself after a long day at work. If you find 15 minutes to meditate in the day, you will be able to find time for all other activities you want to do. Do it for 30 days then you can see the difference between doing meditation and not doing the same.

Thought – Sit still at one place with eyes closed for 20 minutes? Don’t you think, it’s a joke?
Answer – Actually its not that difficult. Sit for 20 mins, and at the end of those 20 minutes, you may not even realize that you had been sitting for that long. Its been said that the 20 mins of deep mediatation is equal to 4 hours of sleep. As you know and good sleep refresh the mind and body, in the same way the 20mins of meditation helps you in refreshing the body and mind. In fact, it might make you feel as though you have just woken up from an eight-hour-long deep restful sleep.

Thought – I’m considered as a college student. If I sit and meditate, My friends would ask, “What’s wrong with you?”
Answer – This is a general misconception among some young people. Meditation is no longer an alien concept. Lots of people want to learn this technique and derive its benefits. Moreover, it works for everyone – kids, youth and the old – at different levels. As a student, you may witness increased concentration and improved exam results. You are also better able to handle your relationship with your parents and peers.

Thought – If I meditate, My family thinks that I would become a sanyasi. I don’t want to upset them.
Answer – Don’t think about anybody, be part of your family and start doing meditation for sometime. It might be initially challenging to make all understand your viewpoint but as you keep meditating, they will start observing positive changes in you – your personality and speech become pleasant, and communication skills get better. Everybody likes soberness in their life, Slowly, they start getting comfortable with the idea. It would definitely be ideal if all of you meditate together as it is always more effective in creating a positive environment.

Thought – Once I close my eyes, what am I supposed to do next? What will happen in meditation?
Answer – Nothing you have to do. Just remember you are there and you are breathing. No need to concentrate on anything. You might have problem of thoughts coming to mind. Just be relaxed and take deep breath and exhale slowly. To do a practice, it’s always good to do a guided meditation (Available on net, music stores etc.) After sometime you will be so used to, you might not need any guided meditation. Meditation is done effortlessly.

Thought – It’s always too noisy at home. I have children and it is difficult to find some quiet moments when I can sit and meditate.
Answer – Have you noticed when you are tired or sleepy, how you can doze off simply anywhere -on a moving bus or train, or in the middle of a movie at the cinema? This happens because we don’t have a choice and the mind automatically switches off even amidst so much noise. In meditation, we have a choice to switch off our mind for some time. We have a say over our mind!

Thought – When society is facing numerous challenges– poverty, conflict, unemployment, corruption - at this time you expect me to sit and meditate when so much needs to be done?
Answer – It might sound crazy, but its hidden thing that this is exactly the time when meditation can help. It gives you the strength within to be able to serve, to help bring about a resolution to conflicts. When you meditate, your aura starts affecting the people around you. When you are calm, rather than being affected, you start positively influencing the environment. Over time, regular meditation will help change a lot of things – you might notice good things happening around you because you meditate!

You are the person who can change the whole world. Just do it, never think what will happen next.

Inspired by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's wisdom talks

Monday, 19 November 2012

We don't have time

In this Often it happens or the situation comes many of us use these common word "no time, I am busy, talk to me later". If we look at this in other angle only time is there with us in your whole life. With each and every pulse time is there with us. Not directly, but it reminds us saying "I am there always there with you", but I think we just ignore the fact or we forget. In our busy schedule we don't even remember, there is pulse in our body which is making us alive.

Yes !! we are busy in this current rapidly growing world; having busy, tight & hectic schedule. Still we do all our work as per our own schedule. My experience says, I think we just want to run faster than the time. Which leads somewhere doing something else rather than what we wanted to do. Then the results gives us failure, tension, frustration etc. All negative energy starts flowing to our mind and body. So just have little patience and have a faith on time. Definitely the fruit will come. It may not come right now but after some time. 

Example from my lifewhen I was in school, A mango tree was been planted by my father. It was just keen height. That point I was very fond of climbing tree and pluck mangoes. I used look take care like my own body part. It was never growing since after a year it was been planted. As a kid I was so impatience and use to ask my father "when this will grow?" and he used to tell me "I don't know, but just have patience, one day it will grow, and fruit will come." I waited till my graduation it was just grown till my height. I came out of home for higher studies. Every time I went to home I used ask the same question to my father. After study started my career, got married, got a kid and time was just going on. One day I received a mango from my home town and been said that its from the same tree. It was really full of taste. I was so happy. Then realized it gave fruit after almost 20-25 years. All the things those we can see through our eyes on earth, have there own sweet time. They do there work on time. Just have patience. 

Managing the time helps a lot to have enough time to do whatever we want. Now how to manage it ?? Is not it??

mmmm... nothing..... don't run so fast in your mind. It might not give a cool mind which takes in a right direction and it helps doing all the things we want to do or things to get in life.

Instead of saying don't have time. Just say 

"I have time, I should take care of it"